Does everything really happen for a reason?

I am a girl with a very active random brain, and often I ask myself quotations about things my human brain is not capable to find logical answers for. For instance, why is there 4,200 religions in our documented history? Or, why is “Tennessee” spelled with too many double litters? At this exact moment, I am trying to guess, if mankind were annoyed enough by the fact that the day starts at different times over the planet. Would they try to do something about it? What’s the possibility that they will actually do make it happen! And if they did, would they try to adjust the son’s light beam? Or try to reshape of the planet?

I think the last thought might be an introduction to my next article! Stay tuned I guess?

Here is what I have been really wondering about recently.

Does everything really happen for a reason?

As a girl who was introduced to a lot of religions. Yes, of coerce there is a god and he/she/it would not like to put us through misery just for the sake of it! Yes, of coerce there is a lesson in it that we need to learn!

But as a resilient soul, I dive deeper. What if everything happens just because something must happen? And this led me to another question, why can’t we know all the reasons why these problematic events happen to us? It Is going to help us accept it and focus on the lesson! At least I would like to think so! So why not!

I heard a brilliant man once explain his point of view about how everything in this life has a purpose. And that shifted my thoughts and perspective about this question to a whole diffract direction. I don’t know where I stand regarding the “everything happens for a reason” statement. Or why aren’t we able to find the reasons why. But either way, I am kind of finding it fun not to know.

It seems like shit is a big part of life! If you are going through rough times you will probably agree. But maybe, it is just another part of the journey! there is no cheat sheet, right? Maybe we were given these much shit because we need to compost it to something better? Something desperately needed!

Another question for you, have you ever faced an obstacle? Can you think of one person who never faced obstacles in life? If you can think of one name then trust me you don’t know enough about their personal story.

One last question and I promise it is the last. How many obstacles did you overcome and actually learned something? How many times did you feel frustrated with that stubborn ketchup bottle until you finally learned how to extract the damn ketchup for your fries? Ya, it is a tiny scale of a problem, and maybe that’s why the solution is widely known around the world!

What if bigger problems just need more time, more experience, more awareness to get smoothly untangled? How many times did you find yourself up on a mountain you did not know you could climb?

We all have our composting experiences, we all gained something from horrible stuff. What if it doesn’t even matter if everything happens for a reason or not. What if we just need to keep composting?



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