That’s what really matters

Someday, someone will call back to a time when your connection with them mattered. And they will recall that you reached out to them in their time of need. They will remember that you offered them hope when they were desolate. That you extended them a warm welcome when they felt estranged. They will remember that you placed them first above their own needs. Because someday, someone will remember you.

And they will either remember you for your kindness, your caring, your love, your understanding, your compassion, your mercy.

Or they will not.

It’s as simple as that.

Everyone can be kind. It’s something we all can choose to do as we live this life. We all have that available option at our disposal: the choice to show kindness. To be caring. To extend our hearts. To be kind with every part of our being, radiating love to the people we meet. This choice is ours for the making. And at the end of the day, it’s the choice that people will remember most about us when we’re gone.

It’s not our significant successes or accomplishments that linger long in hearts and minds, but rather our kindness and caring that people will remember.

That is what really matters